God is Chart Sample


Nature & Attributes of God Chart Sample

The Nature & Attributes of God Chart displays 84 of God’s everlasting qualities.

Each of the eighty-four words on the chart represent an average of sixteen other divine qualities. The Nature and Attributes of God Book includes more than a thousand alternates to choose from. All of the words on the Chart are the same size since all of God’s qualities are balanced in perfect harmony, something only He could achieve. We may have difficulty seeing Him as Mysterious and also Approachable, as both Transcendent and Intimate, but when we grow to know Him better we can glimpse a bit of these possibilities.  His Oneness is even able to meld such all-encompassing attributes as Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience with an invitingly loving nature.

Most humans believe in God. And we can agree on most of these qualities as appropriate descriptors of God’s Nature and Attributes. But your relationship with God is unique and how you perceive this Profound Being is molded by your personal experiences and insightful faith.