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About the Author

My name is Jim Downs. I grew up in Wheatridge, Colorado with ten brothers and sisters. I started working on The Positive Qualities Chart and The Book of Positive Qualities (currently out of print) in the Spring of 1987. I began by searching in a couple of favorite books but soon realized the dictionary was the place to get them all. I have accumulated a total list of over 2,200 Positive Qualities and phrases.

I was raised as a Catholic and our family was religious in a customary way, that is, we went to church on Sundays; said our prayers every night; and references to God were used in everyday conversation. I still consider myself to be a Christian, although I have developed a different idea about the religion Jesus lived vs. the one which bears his name.

I nearly died in an electrocution/drowning accident at the age of thirteen and since then I have been interested in ultimates and cosmic meanings: Why do we exist? What are the most important things to do and be in life? I have come to understand that Positive Qualities - values - are the foundation of inner and spiritual reality and that even physical and mental reality are based on them. We are all on a journey of discovery and growth.

The Nature and Attributes of God Chart and Book (2005) were a natural outgrowth of my search for Reality. Wondering about our source and destiny are about as basic as it can get. I offer no proof of God’s existence. The center of the chart says it simply enough: “GOD IS.” Once a person seriously asks the fundamental questions there are always answers available.

Enjoy your quest.

“To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end of life.” Robert Louis Stevenson - circa: 1890

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