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The Nature & Attributes of God


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For those of you who want to think about and keep God in your life every day, I have developed The Nature and Attributes of God Book and Chart.

The bigest and oldest question may be, “Why am I  here?” My answer is embodied in the acquisition of Positive Qualities. But our questioning does not stop there. We all want to make some sense of it all. Many, if not all, humans eventually get around to the questions about God. The first question may be, “Is there a God?” Once this has been answered in the affirmative the question is, “Who is God?”

Science is interested in Truth and uses precision, reason, and demonstrable facts to find it. The closest science alone can get to God is the possibility of an Ultimate Source.

Philosophy, the realm of the mind, is a search for Wisdom. Its tools are logic and harmony. Its great contribution to our understanding is the illumination of meanings. It shines a light on the connections between quantitative facts (from science) and qualitative values (from religion). The closest philosophy can get to knowing God is an observation of how elegant the universe is pointing to the probability of an Overmind.

The Spiritual realm is one of supreme values. Here is the search for Loving Goodness. Its proofs lie with inner experience. Personal religion, and in a general way institutional religion, are certain of not only an impersonal absolute and a universe intelligence but most of all of a Loving Personal Being.

Any one of these levels alone could occupy the time of a sincere person. But coordinate all three and they will lead to inner peace, social fraternity, and a promise of personality survival.

“Be you perfect, even as I am Perfect.”God – circa 100 Trillion BC.


The Nature & Attributes of God Chart
Gos Is Chart

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When describing God we naturally move to the best we can conceive. We reach beyond the realm of ideas and search our souls for essential realities: Values and Ideals.

No matter how our ideas and ideals about God change over time, He is not the one changing. We are  learning who He is. Originally, we humans noticed His powerful attributes, but are now coming around to a clearer appreciation of His loving nature. Therefore our relationship with God, as well as with others, changes accordingly.

We continue to strive because the drive to grow is hardwired into our very being. Sooner or later we will come to the final realization: there is only one endless quest in the universe — to fathom The Unfathomable. As long as we are moving toward this impossible but ever-expanding, revealing, and fascinating objective; we are not simply surviving, we are thriving.

“God is love.”

The Nature & Attributes of God Book

The Nature & Attributes of God Book explores the question, “Who is God?”

Our first ideas about God come from others but as we grow we begin to have a personal relationship with God thus modifying and clarifying our ideas about who He is. It is our personal experience with God that changes our concepts about Him. We begin to understand and trust Him. After all, we are simple finite children and He is Infinite. Is it any wonder our perception expands as we discover new things?

During this investigation our discovery brings up many questions. The belief that these questions can even be answered is, perhaps, the most fundamental of all. We seem to be naturally curious beings. And we contain the innate ability to learn and to know that which is true. When we put a few pieces of the puzzle together we experience personality growth. The adult is potential in every child and the God Concept matures in depth and sophistication as the personality develops.

A sample of the Nature & Attributes of God Chart is included in the Book. And since everyone’s ideas of God are different there is a Build-Your-Own-Chart kit available for you, your study group, or your Sunday School class.

It is our privilege to get to know God. But before we see it as a privilege we must see it as a necessity. Faith is involved but it need not be a leap; it can be but a single step. Simply step onto the bridge from you to Him. He will do almost everything including construct the bridge, simply choose to do what is right. If it is difficult to know what is right, ask, then act. It is in the doing that we experience and then we truly find out. If you make a misstep, you will know, you can learn to forgive yourself. He already has. Then you can go on a little straighter. Soon the first timid steps will become a wholehearted consecration. Such dedication soon clarifies which way to go or what to do. The reward is in the doing. The answer is in the becoming. Growth is its own reward.

God is unlimited in power, divine in nature, final in will, infinite in attributes, eternal in wisdom, and absolute in reality. The Urantia Book, Paper 3, Section 2, paragraph 15


The Nature & Attributes of God Book Sample

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“[God’s] freewill acts are conditioned only by those divine qualities and perfect attributes which inherently characterize His eternal nature.” The Urantia Book, Paper 4, Section 4, Paragraph 3

These are the first and the last, alphabetically, of the 84 qualities in the book and on the chart. But do not forget the central words “God IS.” The names we give to God are as varied as our understandings. And “IS” states the basic fact recognizing His existence.

Definitions: (1) pure; perfect; (2) the embodiment of everything; (3) independent in and of Himself; unconditioned by any other standards, causes, or conditions; free from anything extraneous; self-sufficient; (4) complete; whole; (5) relative to no other, all others relative to Him; (6) not limited or restricted by any other force or control; (7) real; actual; (8) fundamental; unqualified; (9) the supreme authority; superultimate; (10) unsurpassed; infinitely beyond any thing or being

Word Forms: absolutely, absoluteness

Familial Qualities: All-encompassing, Eternal, Infinite, Omnipresent, Transcendent, Universal

Reflection: It is appropriate that Absolute is the first in the alphabetical list of God’s qualities. It can and should be used as an adjective/modifier of all of the other qualities: Absolute love, Absolute perfection, Absolute generosity, etc. Since God is Absolute, all of God’s qualities are Absolute. This means no quality can have any more value than any other. Absolute justice has exactly the same value in His nature as Absolute mercy. No matter how difficult we may think a choice is, to God it is easy. It is beyond us to understand the Absolute nature of God, but He has no difficulty melding and perfectly coordinating anything with any and all other things — no matter if they are material things, mental meanings, spiritual values, or persons.

Consideration: We may know fundamentally what the word “Absolute” means, but every time we contemplate it in some depth, we will find ourselves looking to the only Persono actually is Absolute and we get an expanded idea of its meaning. Therefore, we grow every time we think of God.

Comment: Although God himself is Absolute, he has designed a system of downsteps from the Absolute to the infinite to the finite, a family of caring individuals. He lives on all levels. He and cooperating members of the family work for everyone’s welfare throughout every stage of existence.

Location on Chart: 7:10

Definitions: (1) encompassing the entirety of discernment; (2) perfect judgment; capable; (3) the embodiment of truth; aware of all of the real facts and true circumstances; (4) the embodiment of beauty; the integration of reality; (5) the embodiment of goodness; knowing what is proper; prudent; discriminating; (6) enlightened; incorruptible; (7) having the widest possible perspective; being able to see all reality at once; profound; (8) activating of the practical application of His pragmatic plan; sagacious; (9) the most sensible adaptation of omniscience; possessing supreme common sense

Word Forms: all-wisdom, wise, wiselike, wisely, wiseness, wiser, wisest, worldlywise

Familial Qualities: Infallible, Objective, Omniscient, Self-aware, Thoughtful, Understanding

Consideration: Since God’s Wisdom is absolute and motivated solely by love, all that we perceive as separate is being coordinated in perfect symmetry. Action taken by the All-wise Creator will be the best course of action for all persons for all time. Nothing is out of place. He experiences no regrets. He makes no mistakes.

Location on Chart: 1:40

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